Dermabrasion, Laser Treatment And Use Of Chemicals Are Some Popular Methods To Treat Scars

Dermabrasion, Laser Treatment And Use Of Chemicals Are Some Popular Methods To Treat Scars

You do develop acne at some point of time in your life, and the biggest problem with acne is that they often leave behind scars that remind you of them. The blemishes are often ugly reminders of the time you had acne, and it is best to get rid of them at the earliest.

Among the many methods of acne removal, dermabrasion is one of them. An electronic machine is used in this case to cater to the removal of scars by peeling off the upper layer of the skin. The surface that remains exposed after the peeling action is made smooth and clear. This is quite a bit like sanding a piece of wood.

The procedure has quite a high success rate. The skin is likely to develop a red hue in the beginning, but it usually fades away as the skin heals itself.

Chemical peels are often employed to do the job in place of an electronic machine. So, chemicals are used to remove the skin with the scar. Since chemicals are used in this case, the method is not prescribed of those with sensitive skin. There might be an adverse reaction of the skin and the chemicals.

Though laser treatments are more popular for those who want to deal with an aging skin, yet it is an effective therapy used for treating scars resulting from acne. Collagen injections are also useful in this case. This way, depressions formed by scars are molded into clear and smooth surfaces without any scars.

Alternatively, holes are pushed into scars to replace the skin with a smooth skin from somewhere else in the body.




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