Household Chemicals That You Can Make By Yourself

Household Chemicals That You Can Make By Yourself

In order to be clean you and your home require certain chemicals. Many of them are very cheap and they look nice. But, they are not very good for the environment or for you. Luckily, you can make your own household chemicals. The process for each chemical you make is very simple, so you can make them in a couple of minutes.
•    A glass cleaning spray can be easily made in 5 minutes. You don’t have to use conventional blue liquid glass cleaning spray ever again. The glass cleaning spray that you can make includes just dish soap, a squeegee, absorbent cloths, sponges and water.
•    A dusting of baking soda is one of the best deodorant for underarm. Also, it is incredibly cheap.
•    Mix together: 6 oz. LemiShine, 2 C. Baking Soda and 2 C. Borax. You will have to use 1T. per full load. This is the best dishwasher detergent you can make.
•    In order to make laundry detergent, you will need: 1 box of Borax, 2 bars of Fels-Naptha, 1 box of washing soda, 20 drops of essential oil and 1 bag of baking soda. Use a big spoon to stir all dry ingredients. You will also need large bucket. Remove ½ cup of the mixture and add 20 drops of any essential oil you like. Mix well. The next step is to break up clumps. Then, add to the powdered mixture. You will have to store it in airtight containers.
•    If you add a ¼ of a cup of vinegar to the soak cycle, you will get an ecological-sensitive fabric softener.






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