How does being married change your lifestyle?

How does being married change your lifestyle?

So you are about to tie the knot and probably have heard so many stories about what married life is about. You are probably not thinking about the things that you will allegedly not be able to do once you move into marital life. Love has a way of making us not worry about these things. No matter what they have told you or what horror stories you have heard, the truth is that the best lesson on this subject is experience. 

The first thing you need to realize, as a mature and sound person, is that your lifestyle is not going to be the same. The first rule of marriage is probably not to behave as if you were still single. But this does not mean that your life is over.  It only means that you are substituting some things of a single life for those of a married one. These new things and experiences are great and they are part of what marriage is about.

The second thing to consider about marriage is that “mine” now becomes “ours”. This does not represent any ownership of the person but it is rather an intimate bond that happens only in marriage. There is no closer bond between two people than that of a married couple.

This might arguably be more of a problem for guys than for gals but lusting after other men or women is out of the question. When you commit to marriage, you commit to one person for the rest of your life. In some cultures, staring at a woman or man that is not your spouse and coveting them is considering cheating.

Your priorities change. Now, instead of finding things to please you, you will find yourself looking for things that please your spouse. Your bed will become bigger but the space will be smaller. You will wake up every morning next to the person you have promised to care for and love for the rest of your life.



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