How waking up 1 hour earlier can improve your lifestyle

How waking up 1 hour earlier can improve your lifestyle

As the title suggests, waking up 1 hour earlier can actually give you a 1 hour head start to all the things you have to get done for the day. If 5 am is early for you, you must know that it is early for 99.9% of people everywhere. When you get ahead and get things done earlier in the day, it gives you a rush of positive energy!

Early mornings are very peaceful and quiet - especially when everyone else is still in bed :) To work in such an environment is ideal and you can get a lot done that way. When you get high-impact tasks done right away, it increases your productivity, and you stay productive the whole day!

The peace and quiet is empowering. There are no phone calls or texts, no traffic noise or people chattering. When people are asleep around you, that’s the kind of peace and quiet you are exposed to at this time of the day. It’s not like any other time of the day.

People who wake up early are early sleepers as well. When you get into such a routine, you become more aware of the way you spend your time. You have more time when you wake up early and you tend to not rush. Since you wake up early, you have enough time to get things in order, have breakfast, and be on time wherever you go. Skipping breakfast is probably the worst thing you can do to your body.

You are on time because you would obviously leave earlier than most people; you get to skip all the traffic and commute faster



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