The innovations that shape our world for better or for worse is TECHNOLOGY. Modern technology is changing  the way our brains work.

Of course, there are benefits of technical progress, but there are great dangers as well.

Our brains are under the influence of an ever – expanding world  of new technology multichannel television, video game MP3 player,  Bluetooth links, wireless networks and the list goes on.

Electronic gadgets have an effect on our brains and that, in turns, influences our identity, our conduct and our qualities. So, the cutting edge world could well be modifying our human character.

Like social isolation is on the increase, people are spending more time on learning how to use modern technologies, using social networks. They neglect their real life. Depending on modern tools is increased. People are replaced by robots. Job loss is increased.

In todays world, where just about everything is more convenient and accessible due to advances in technology. Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do thing, these processes get results. For instance, training has been incredibly exceptional by the innovative advances of PC and web. Agribusiness procedure is mechanized. Correspondence is similar to water to life. Cutting edge innovation has favored us with cutting edge correspondence innovation devices. These can include e-fax machines, email, instant text messages, etc. I can easily talk to my friends  and relatives using a mobile phones  or video chatting services like Skype. Travelling has become convenient. It also has changed the health industry.  Health sectors are now using modernized techniques and machines.

Since  we have seen a portion of the effects of innovation in cutting edge life, it is our obligation to utilize it to enhance our lives and environment. On the off chance that we don't control the use of innovation, we might wind up hurting both the general public and the earth.




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