Physical vs. Emotional: Which One Is Important In Relationships

Physical vs. Emotional: Which One Is Important In Relationships

People have different views when it comes to relationship especially when physical and emotional aspects of a relationship are included in the discussion.

A true relationship between a man and a woman brings about astounding effects with regards to the emotions and physique of the man and the woman. That said it hasn’t been clear as to which of these two would create a greater impact on either the man or woman as well as which of these two would make them crumble if one of them decided to leave the other until now.

Research shows that the emotional effects are the ones that create the bigger impact rather than the physical effect. Physical attraction will never last for a lifetime, but emotional attraction does. Your physical attractions will continue growing only if your emotional attraction is growing. Physical attraction is enjoyed when emotions are involved.

The researchers also argue that in an event that a relationship is based on attraction only, establishing emotional attraction is next to impossible. It is believed that men tend to get annoyed when their women are physically involved with other men while women get annoyed if their men are emotionally involved with other women.

A man gets mad not because he is heartbroken but because his ego is hurt, he thinks he doesn’t have what it takes to make his woman happy that she went to look elsewhere. Women are an emotional being that’s why they get so hurt when they find out that their men are emotionally involved with other women because they know how powerful emotions are for a woman. It is the emotional bond that can bring everlasting happiness to couple till eternity or destroy them when they lose each other.




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