What Can Meditation Accomplish?

What Can Meditation Accomplish?

When people hear the word meditation, they usually associate it with Budism, India, or yoga, but Western medicine has started working with meditation more and more because it offers numerous health benefits.

Meditation has been practiced throughout the history of humanity, and its original focus was on waking the human conscience in order to understand the world of the mystical forces that affect our being.

Today, meditation is considered a kind of a complementary medicine that connects the body and the spirit. Through meditation, one can achieve a state of deep relaxation and clear the mind, which is why it’s considered as one of the best ways of lowering the levels of stress.

When compared to the awake state while meditating, parts of our brain that are usually ”asleep” while we are awake suddenly become active. Furthermore, the regions of our brain that are activated when we are focused on a certain task are much more active than the regions that are in charge of space orientation. Also, various combinations of the activity of certain brain areas that are usually not active while we are awake will also be noticed during the meditation.

How do higher states of consciousness affect the human body? Meditation eliminates the flow of thoughts that cause stress, and the entire process usually leads to improvement of physical and emotional well being. The benefits of meditation don’t end with the end of a session. In most cases, they can be felt even days after the session.

Emotional benefits of meditation

  • Acquiring a new perspective in stressful situations
  • Building a new ability to deal with stress
  • Self-consciousness  improvement
  • Focusing on the present
  • Less negative emotions

What does meditation help?

  • Anxiety disorder
  • Asthma
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Heart diseases
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Sleeping disorder

You need to know that meditation is not a substitute for certain medical treatment, but is to be used as an addition to therapy. In some cases, meditation can even make the symptoms of certain mental or physical state worse. Therefore, it should be used only after consulting your doctor or a certified meditation expert.




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