What Women Say that Men Don’t Understand?

What Women Say that Men Don’t Understand?

Men will often tell you how complicated women can be. Their mood swings, their insecurities, the attention they constantly want, all those things can sometimes be overbearing.
On the other hand you have men who sometimes act like everything is too simple, like nothing really matters besides sport, cars and women. We are two different worlds, and to show you how we sometimes misunderstand each other, you will see the things women say, that men simply don’t get.
1. For example, when your girlfriend/mother/sister/wife asks you if she looks fat in anything she wears that simply means she wants you to tell her that she looks beautiful. And if you say that she does like fat, she will burst into tears, because that means that you think she is ugly, even though you didn’t even pronounce that word.
2. When women say, it’s ok, is means that nothing is ok, and women say that because they need some time to figure out how they will punish you. So when you hear her say “ It’s okay “ – RUN!
3. Women love when all the attention is on them. So when she is telling you a story, or when she wants advice from you, and it’s is not something you are interested in, you have to pretend like you are listening and you have to keep nodding your head, like you actually care, because if you don’t she will start screaming.
You don’t have to tell her anything or give her any advice, you just have to pretend like you are listening and that will be enough.





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