Your ideas can change the world

Your ideas can change the world

The world, isn’t a perfect place. There are many drawbacks and many global issues. We all want to change it, but it is impossible. Actually, it only looks like something we cannot do. How many times you have tried to change something, at work or at your building? I believe many times. And in many cases, you encountered many problems, so you had to give up. Well, this is your mistake. You shouldn’t give up. You must try and do anything you can in order to achieve something. There are many jealous people, who will want to stop you. But, you are better than them, because you are not led by jealousy. 

People who made our world like this, also had problems. In fact, all of them were treated as outsiders and people who ‘’work for devil’’. For example, Nikola Tesla. He had to do a million things in order to accomplish his goals. All of them were completely unselfish and they should make our lives better. But, he didn’t stop and he didn’t give up. So, it is possible to do something you want, even when there are many problems on the road.

Your ideas can make our lives better. Maybe you invented a gadget or a car or something else that is good for us and for the environment. If you keep it as a secret, what is the point? Share it with the world. People will be grateful to you, at the end. The point is, you can affect on our world and on our lives all you need to do is never give up.





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