Who should be drinking energy drinks?

Who should be drinking energy drinks?

No one in particular. Yes, you read it right!

It is very tempting to reach for an energy drink when you need an instant boost. Some people reach for an energy drink to keep them awake and alert during a long drive or when they know they are facing some strenuous exercise, or going to be studying long hours.

It isn’t particularly harmful as long as you are not drinking energy drinks every day. However, some research reports have stated that consuming it even once in a while can affect your heart health. When drinking energy drinks become a habit, they can cause harm to your mind, your body and to your social life. Children should never drink them. Giving energy drinks to children can affect their overall brain development, cause sleep disorders, weight loss, and could eventually lead to socially dysfunctional and disruptive behavior. There have been many reports and hospitalizations due to heart palpitations, seizures, strokes, chest pain, high blood pressure, and sudden death caused by drinking too many energy drinks.

Energy drinks are fortified with a massive amount of sugar, caffeine and many other chemical stimulants to keep you alert and active for hours. That is not a natural state. By consuming these drinks on the regular basis, you are indulging in something that is not natural. Too many stimulants can dehydrate your body to the extent that you will feel exhausted, tired, and irritable.



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