Why is BPA harmful to our health?

Why is BPA harmful to our health?

The year was 2008 when BPA, a chemical commonly used in plastics, hit the headlines. A media blitz took over and parents with many questions were more cautious as many stores removed products in plastics containing BPA.

Where are we standing today regarding this? 

BPA is a chemical substance that has been used to harden plastics.  It is pretty much in all the plastics you can think of.  Most of us have it in our body and we acquired it from food that was bottled in bottles made of plastic containing BPA.  We can also get it from the air, water, and dust.

Most baby bottles, sipping cups, and formula cans used to contain BPA but the chemical has been removed due to concerns.  In 2010, the FDA considered BPA as safe but then they changed their position after several studies that led to conclude that BPA has harmful effects.  The FDA states, however, that toxicity level for BPA is actually low.

However, and based on other evidence, the FDA has suggested that an overexposure to the chemical is related to negative effects on behavior, and prostate glands in newborns, infants, and young kids.  Some other areas of concern include:

  • Cancer. Studies with animals seem to suggest a connection between BPA exposure and a later risk of getting cancer.
  • Hormones. Normal hormone levels and development in the youngest might be compromised by an overexposure to BPA, experts say. 
  • Heart condition. This is not really conclusive but there could be a relationship between BPA high exposure and heart conditions.

It is important to point out that even though it seems like BPA is really harmful to our bodies, the truth is that there is no conclusive evidence to prove that yet.  Experimentation on animals has been mostly inconclusive.




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