A Weak Skeletal Structure Is The Result Of Osteoporosis, But This Can Lead To Bone Damage Too

A Weak Skeletal Structure Is The Result Of Osteoporosis, But This Can Lead To Bone Damage Too

Osteoporosis is the situation where there is a decline in the strength of the bones to the extent that the threat of damage to bones becomes great. Osteoporosis is the most commonly known reason for bone damage in the elderly and old. The most instances of  broken bones include bones of the arm, the back and the hip. The situation always leads to an inability to carry out normal bodily functions.

Osteoporosis is preventable if certain steps and precautions are taken during infancy and childhood. These steps include a good and healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals. A good and proper regime of healthy exercise is a must for proper development. Exposure to sunlight is necessary for production of adequate quantities of vitamin D within the body. Food rich in calcium and other vital minerals should be opted for.

Some changes in lifestyle like quitting smoking or alcohol may be required to prevent osteoporosis. The incidence of osteoporosis is greater among men and women of age. The disorder has been found to be more incidental in women than in men.

A structure resembling a honeycomb with some holes and spaces is seen when a healthy bone is observed under a microscope. A patient with osteoporosis has got some more space between the holes and spaces. The bone has come to have a less amount of density.

The biggest problem with osteoporosis is the broken bones that are a result of the disorder. There is always a severe pain associated with the damage to the bone. In some cases, osteoporosis may cause can lead to breaking of the vertebrae. This can result in a change in posture.




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