Bali, a Romantic Heaven

Bali, a Romantic Heaven

For financial reasons, most of the people keep Bali as off limits. But this year, going to Bali is really worth it. According to Hotel Price Index, the Island of Gods hotel rates have dropped down by 12 percent. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Bali is well known for its beautiful arts including traditional and modern forms of dances, painting, metal working, music and sculptures. Bali holds the Indonesian International film fest every year. Bali is known for its Coral Triangle. There are more the 500 reef building coral species in this area. In case you are wondering what you are going to do, you can take your pick. You can either relax on a Black Sand Beach. The sand acquires its colours from iron, Titanium and other minerals that get deposited by a once active Volcano. If water sports are your drug, then you can hit the surfs for some world-class surfing and diving. If you like trekking and adventure, you can try exploring the islands Jungle Interiors which has a lot of volcanoes and around 10,000 temples. The most renowned and popular hillside temple Pura Luhur Batukau is located here. If you like some traditional shopping, you can try visiting Ubud which is bound to delight you and also visit their traditional market. You should also hear the Bali’s unique music played on traditional percussion instrument known as Gamelan Music. This island is the perfect place to be relaxed with nature by admiring its natural beauty, unique music and all the cultural traditions of the island. When it comes to staying, you can try staying at the Indigo tree which is located in Ubud and is a short distance from the major sites. The ambience here is perfect with coconut trees, have a beautiful sight of the islands jungles. They also serve home cooked meals by the poolside.






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