Be Sure To Sleep Well To Stay Away From A Host Of Disorders Like Depression And Anxiety

Be Sure To Sleep Well To Stay Away From A Host Of Disorders Like Depression And Anxiety

Not sleeping well is known to be productive of several neurological issues. Depression and anxiety are closely linked with not being able to sleep well. 

The fact remains that sleep is essential to clean the nervous system of the toxins and toxic chemicals that tend to accumulate over time. This is probably why being awake at night is closely related to Alzheimer's disease. 

Not getting adequate sleep does hinder the way of getting clear thoughts in the mind.

There is a physiological programming of the brain to sleep at a given time and to remain asleep for a given time. When the schedule is changed or is simply not possible to be arranged for, there are problems that might continue to reign in a healthy social life. It is best to stick to a schedule.

When you try to sleep, doing it in a dark room is gong to help. Using an eye-guard or eye-mask to keep away all light from the eyes is another way to get a good sleep.

Those of us who cannot sleep well have a tendency to eat more than those of us who do. The appetite for food inducing fat is found to be more in case of people who do not get adequate amounts of sleep. 

They are found to eat as much as 500 calories in excess of what their counterparts who sleep well everyday do. This logically points towards a greater risk of development of obesity. 

People who don't sleep well are more likely to be in the grips of cardiovascular diseases. There is even an enhanced risk to develop cancer if you don't get to sleep well.




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