Computers Have A Lot Of Negative Effects, But You Can’t Help Using One

Computers Have A Lot Of Negative Effects, But You Can’t Help Using One

Computers have certainly made our lives easier. They have changed the way we live, they have changed out lifestyles. They have even changed the way our children perceive the world. We saw the world as drawn in books and magazines, but they were our days. Children of modern times hardly ever flip through magazines or even read books. They peer into the compute screen for what the world has to offer and how it has changed.

Studies reveal that children  between 8 and 18 spend a lot of time before their computer screens playing video games, or simply surfing the internet. The average has been found to be more than seven-and-a-half  hours.

This means children are becoming more and more sedentary. They are prone to  obesity and related disorders. There is a decreased tendency to partake in physical exercises. This way, they are getting fat and bulky, and their arms and legs are not getting the exercises they should. Children don't find playing in parks and lawns pleasant anymore. They take pride in burying themselves in video games on the computer.

Spending more time before the compute can also lead to the development of a couple of neurological problems. They can even become permanent if not arrested and rectified. There is an increased vision impairment in case young children cause by continuous peering into computer screens.

A prolonged exposure to computers is likely to pull away some sleep from you too. The glare from the computer screen is certainly harmful in this sense. A lot of your part is stolen from you if you can't sleep well, and if a prolonged exposure to computers robs you of your sleep, you should blame the computer.




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