French Secret To Long Lives Lies In Their Diet Rich In Cheese Containing Butyric Acid

French Secret To Long Lives Lies In Their Diet Rich In Cheese Containing Butyric Acid

Cheese just might be the solution for those battling obesity because it has the potential to raise the metabolism of the body. This logically means a lot of body functions are performed at a faster pace than they ever were. This points towards burning of the residues of fat one has accumulated in the body.

French nationals have been found to have a longer life-span than their counterparts in other parts of the world, while they also have less chances of getting a cardiovascular disorder. This may be because of the abundance of butyric acid in their diet rich in cheese.

Butyric acid has been found to have the ability to counter obesity along with pulling down levels of cholesterol in the blood. Butyric acid is found in plenty in cheese, so  those who consume cheese regularly are less likely to be obese.

They are also less likely to contract disorders of the heart that are propelled to the fore by high levels of cholesterol in the blood. The diet of an average French citizen is known to have a large quantity of saturated fat owing to a rich sprinkling of cheese and cheese products.

But this could be the very secret of the resilience they seem to have developed against disorders of the heart. The French have at least 24 kg of cheese in an year.

This pushes them to live as much as 81 years on an average. Other studies have shown the potentials of molded variety of cheese to counter heart diseases and make way for longer lives.




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