How to Improve Your Posture

How to Improve Your Posture

It has been seen that many people have habit of locking one knee and sitting or standing over the edge of their seat. Correct posture helps in alignment of bones and joints to avoid any strain in the muscles. Two out of 3 people are seen slumping and slouching. Implement these tips to improve your body posture:
•    Sit straight
Dr Cynthia Vaughn says that you should sit in such a position that your spine does not get curved nor does your head dip. You should sit erect and look straight. While sitting, your feet should touch the floor and your knees should be angled at 90 degree. 

•    Never sit on your foot
If you sit on your foot, you get an external rotational problem with hips and knees. Never put pressure on one feet anytime or this will create circulation problem. 

•    Avoid heels
If you want to maintain a 90-degree angle then you have to avoid wearing heels. Wearing heels frequently can have an adverse impact on your posture. It can also result in lower back pain. Guys should take off their wallets from their pocket while sitting or it can twist their pelvis. 
•    Mind your workstation
If you work continuously at a desk, you may have a poor posture. Keep yourself aligned with the height of your computer monitor and keep your eyes in level with the top of your monitor. You can avoid headache and neck pain by ensuring that your ears over the middle of your shoulders and it should not be dipped towards one or the other.




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