Perks of being lazy

Perks of being lazy

How many times you have been scolded by your parents for being lazy? How many times have you missed your school bus in the morning simply because you couldn’t get up on time? How many articles and reports have you read about laziness being a bad habit? Well, the picture’s not as bleak as everyone wants you to think. Here are some situations where being lazy actually has an advantage:-

  1. You will never suffer from sleep deprivation – Being lazy almost always translates into the ability to go to sleep at will. You can fall asleep during those 15 minutes of travel from your school or college to your home, giving your mind the much needed rest it deserves. Or you can enjoy sleeping while your boss drones on and on about the new company policy, saving you from the boredom.

  2. You will never suffer from any kind of body pain – No is the first word out of your mouth even before your friend asks you to help him move his baggage. You have a reputation of shying away from heavy, or in fact any kind of work. So much so that no one expects you to do it and after some time they even stop asking you too.

  3. You are spared from all these health risks – Everyday there are new studies and reports about how too much work and stress lead to so many health hazards and mental disorders. Fortunately, you never have to worry about these as laziness makes you forget about your work.





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