Private Island Resort

Private Island Resort

The perfect island for life is Manhattan. But, there is one problem, other people! It seems you cannot run away from them anywhere! If you go on a holiday, there are people as well. The only place where you could avoid other people are deserts, but who wants to go there.

Now, there is a solution for your ‘’problem’’. The Spa in Florida’s Little Torch Key and Little Palm Island Resort, launched a “Spring for a Private Island”! So, finally you can be alone on an island, or if you are celebrating something with your family and friends, you can be on an island only with them. You can have all these for $250.000, plus additional costs!

For this money you get a 5.5 acres resort, with 60 gourmet cuisine lead by chef Roly Cruz-Taura. You will also get an event planner, several yachts are at your disposal and you can choose any luxury suite you want. After arrival, any guest gets a Gumby slumber, welcoming cocktail, and he is escorted to one of the Little Palm Island’s one-bedroom suites. There, guest gets a bottle of Champagne and beach bag, filled with all essentials. Every meal is served in a plush Dining Room, and guest has at his disposal any alcohol and non-alcohol drinks! In this price include all water sports, available in the resort, which is one of the best feature of this island.
The only drawback is time. You can have all this just three days, from April 24 to April 26. Although, the price is extremely high, you can split it with other friends or couples! For example, 30 couples will pay $10.000 each, which isn’t that expensive.




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