The Difference Between ‘’I like’’ And ‘’I want’’

The Difference Between ‘’I like’’ And ‘’I want’’

Maybe on the first sight ‘’I like’’ and ‘’I want’’ are the same, with the same meaning, but they are very different. When a person says ‘’I like’’ this means that you have a desire for something, but you don’t have the desire to have that. You should use this only when you want to describe something impossible. When people hear you say this, they will think on you like on a dreamer. You just want something and that’s it.
When you say ‘’I want’’, this means that you have a desire to have or own something. You should use it when you want to tell somebody that you will own something. When hear you say this, people will appreciate you more. Maybe we look elegant and polite, but deep inside we are still rough people. When you say ‘’I want’’, this will help you eliminate the competition. Simply, said, people avoid other people who are sure in themselves and in their desires.
In order to see the difference between ‘’I like’’ and ‘’I want’’, try a simple experiment. Approach to a person you like and say ‘’I like you’’. Then approach to another person and say ‘’I want you’’. You will see the difference. The secret is in your personality. In order to be a strong person with strong personality, you must have the desire to do and own something. Just wanting something won’t get you anywhere. Desires are one of the most important things in our life. They make us move forward and advance in our life. But, in order to have these benefits, we must go towards our desires. Remember that wanting and having are two completely different words.






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