The more you sweat, the better you smell

The more you sweat, the better you smell

The main problem during the summer is sweat. If you add some stressful situation, sweating is even worse. Luckily, this problem is solved. Scientists at Queen's University Belfast developed a new type of perfume that eliminate that awful odor and help you smell better. The more you sweat, the better you smell!

The secret is in ionic liquids. They don’t have a smell, but when they are in contact with some chemical they can take up the smell of it. This only happens when water is added. The more water you add, the stronger smell you get. According to the QUILL (Queen's Ionic Liquid Laboratories), the main reason for that bad sweat smell is a compound called thiol. This compound is also attracted to the ionic fluid.

This means that a perfume that contains ionic fluid, will eliminate bad smell completely, and because ionic fluids smell more when they are in contact with water, more sweat can only make you smell even better. Depending on how much are you sweating, you will smell more or less. Researchers from University of York and Unilever, found that genes are responsible for proteins that produce thiol!

You should know that sweat doesn’t have that bad odor. In contact with a bacteria (millions of theme live in the armpit) sweat gets that odor. Some bacteria are feeding with compounds found in sweat.
Until now, perfumes and deodorants could only prevent sweating, for a very short time, of mask that bad smell. With this discovery, this problem is finally solved. It will have many applications, from perfumes to creams.




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